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Reflective Augmented Reality Experiences


It’s clear people yearn for real, social, transformative experience. We offer immediate device free augmented reality experiences accessible to anyone. By making large mirror like projections of users we create instantly playful, engaging experiences.


Do you want to look shoot paint from your hands, have a dance party like in a music video, or feel like you are inside a piece of moving animated art?  We are taking all the possible magic of augmented reality technology bringing it to pubic spaces and events it as a large scale effortless to use real time moving images. 

Kinetic Magic is a creative technology company making real-time augmented reality experiences. We entertain, educate and improve the health of our users with bio-feedback systems that are aesthetically beautiful that are instantly animated as reflective visualizations. Kinetic Magic both creates products for events and permanent installations, as well as original interactive experiences. Kinetic Magic is the creator of the Magic Dance Mirror, Magic Paint Mirror and the KM-1  Reflective Augmented Reality System.

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