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The experiences we create are best presented with about a 14 ft wide rear projection screen flush to the floor with a 3000 lumen short throw projector. In some cases we have had success using an ultra short throw mounted high or on the floor to project on a wall when space is very limited. LED walls are a great option for presentation just be sure that they can stream a 1920x1080 signal from HDMI. 


Let us know when you book an event. We are happy to consult and like to know things are brewing. Every event is different. If there is a reason to upsell a custom expereince we would be happy to discuss. 


Time Needed:

With practice we tend to be able to set our experiences in under an hour but recommend that you give yourself three. The space required depend on the size of your screen and throw of your projector. In general we use projector that have a .5 aspect ration throw meaning that they project twice as wide as they are from the screen. 


Sensor Placement: 

Getting this adjusted just right will create the best user experience. You should put the sensor on the floor at the base of the projection. The tilt of the sensor should be adjusted so that the feet of people come very close to the bottom of the screen. Often the sensor picks up a little of the floor which helps the visual experience. Getting this right so that feet are not cropped and that peoples images are not floating high on the screen is critical to creating the best user experience. 


Trouble shooting:

It is rare but some times software will crash if this happens simply hold the power button on the front of the KM-1 until the unit shuts down. Wait a few seconds then press the power button again to reboot. Your experience will resume in about 15 seconds.



You will find the best experience is felt when the screen is directly on the floor. With the screen we recommend below this mean you will need to clamp the legs on rather than snap them together as designed. The legs will be flush with the frame and you will bind them together with simple clamps. 


Multiple Screens: 

We often set up two screens in a corner making a 90 degree angle. This looks great and is a nice upsell to your clients.



We often will hire a dancer to warm people up to the experience when the budget permits. That said no one has to be an expert to use our experiences. 

Pipe and Drape

For certain settings it is important to consider pipe and drape to enclose the open sides behind the screen. This will hide the gear and make a classier look when necessary. 

Recommend Equipment:

Here is a list of equipment we use together regularly that we can recommend with links to purchase:


Short Throw Projector

Projector Stand

Sand Bags

Power Strip

4x C-Clamps

Spring  Clamps 

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